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 What do I do if my pet is lost?

  • If your pet is lost, you should immediately go to and click on "Lost Pet". You will then be asked to log in using your username/email and password. Once you are logged in, you will be able to see if anyone has reported finding your pet. You will also find a form to fill out in order to report your pet as missing. Fill out this form completely. Be as specific as possible when filling out the following fields: pet name, address where last seen, and the date your pet went missing. As soon as this form is submitted, your lost pet will be registered in the lost pet database and an alert will be sent to the community. The following screen will provide you with the options to create a lost pet poster, see a local shelter list and notify nearby shelters, animal control facilities and vets. See more tips on finding your lost dog or cat.

 What do I do if I have found a pet with a Together Tag?

  • If you have found a pet with a Together Tag, check for a phone number on the tag. If there is one, call that number. If there is no phone number or if you are unable to reach anyone by calling, immediately go to Click on the "Found a Pet" link. Enter the tag ID in the text field and then click "Submit." You will see the pet's profile on the page that follows. The profile will have a picture of the pet and list several contacts. The profile will also contain any special care instructions for the pet while the pet is in your care - we want all lost pets to be safe from the time they are found until the time they are reunited with their family. At the bottom of the profile is a form to fill out to contact the owner and let them know that you have found their pet. The owner may also have included phone and/or email address in their contact info. Please try all of these means of contact in your attempts to get in touch with the pet's family. See more tips on finding your lost dog or cat.

 I've submitted the tag ID of the pet I have found. What more can I do?

  • Once you've entered the tag ID of the pet that you've found, your contact information will be sent to the primary owner of the pet so that they may contact you. In order to track down the owner even more quickly, you may also make an attempt to reach the owner by using his or her listed primary contact information, or by attempting to get in touch with either the secondary contact or the out-of-area contact using the information that is now available to you.

 How do I prepare my pets for a natural disaster?

  • Natural disasters are happening more frequently these days and preparation is the best way of ensuring that your pet survives a flood, hurricane, fire, tornado or terrorist attack. The first step to preparedness is enrolling your pet in Together Tag. Once your pet is registered with Together Tag, he or she is registered for life. Together Tag will help ensure that you and your pet will be reunited if you are separated and that your pet will be properly cared for until he or she is reunited with you. Other important steps for preparedness are 1) store three days of food in a disaster-safe (airtight, waterproof) container, 2) store three days of drinking water for your pet(s) and your family, 3) keep a pet first aid kit on hand that includes your Together Tag registration(s) and medical records, 4) keep a leash and extra collar with your emergency supplies and 5) create an evacuation plan that takes your pet(s) into consideration.

 What did we learn about reuniting pets with their families after Hurricane Katrina?

  • 600,000 pets were killed or left without a home after Hurricane Katrina. Many of these tragedies could have been avoided with proper disaster preparedness. One of the most important lessons learned with Katrina was that pets must have an ID system that provides multiple contact points. Home phone lines may be inaccessible as power and telephone lines may be down. Mobile phone networks may be down or out of service. Internet access may not be possible. With Together Tag we allow multiple touch points for communication and reunification with your pet.

    Another important lesson learned after Katrina was that one of the listed contacts should be an out-of-area contact. Many of the families of lost pets during Katrina were not reachable for days on end. An ID system must include a family member or friend outside of the disaster zone. Together Tag provides for two additional contacts, one of which should be an out-of-area contact.

    An additional lesson learned was that many pets have special care instructions that are vital for their well-being and survival. This may be a special diet or behavioral issues that a caretaker may need to know during the period of time that passes before the pet is reunited with his or her family. Together Tag provides a mechanism to detail any of these special care instructions.

    One more lesson, often overlooked, is that tags must be able to withstand the harshest conditions. Together Tags are lab-tested to withstand flood, rust, fire and all the elements.

    Finally, we all learned the importance of keeping your pet's information up-to-date. Together Tag allows free, unlimited updates that can be easily made online.

 How will this system help me to be reunited with my pet?

  • On your pet's Together Tag you will have the option of putting your primary phone number - a phone call is the first method of reuniting. If the phone number is not listed on the tag, a URL (Internet address) and tag ID # will be listed, along with the pet's name. When someone finds your pet and cannot reach you by the phone number on the tag, they can then go online and see the contact information that you entered, along with any special care instructions and vet info. They will also be able to submit information concerning your pet that will be sent to you immediately. See What do I do if my pet is lost?, What do I do if I have found a pet with a Together Tag? and How Together Tag Works for more information.

 How durable are the tags?

  • Update: tags are currently unavailable. Each polyurethane-domed tag is set on a 20 gauge 304 stainless steel core with Scotchlite series 280i reflective adhesive. They have been independently lab-tested against many environmental conditions such as heat, humidity, cold, water and salt spray.

 Are there any recurring or hidden costs to the service?

  • Absolutely not. The service is free. We may offer tags and other goods from time to time to help offset our costs.

 How secure is my personal information?

  • Your data is protected by the latest security technologies including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Our 128-bit to 256-bit security certificate is provided by Verisign - the most trusted name in the industry.

 What privacy controls are there?

  • The information that we collect from you (your personal information, your pet's name and description and your secondary and out-of-state contact information) is intended solely for use if and only if your pet should become lost and the finder of your pet uses the Together Tag service to make an attempt to contact you. We will never sell or trade your personal information to a third party. For more information, please refer to our privacy policy.

 How is this service more effective than others in reuniting me with my pet in a natural disaster?

  • First of all, having an online information portal that you control means that your pet's updated information is safely stored and easily accessible to both you and the finder of your pet. This means that there is no paperwork that can be lost or destroyed and that the contact information that is needed in order to assure the safe return of your pet is not only current and correct, but is accessible anywhere an Internet connection exists.

    In addition to the practical aspects of our online pet information retrieval service, you can rest assured knowing that Dogster, Inc., a very well-known and appreciated name in the pet world, stands behind this service. For more information on how we are working together to offer you this service, see Why Together Tag Works.

 How much does the service cost?

  • The Together Tag service is free. We sell an optional tag for $24.95 to offset some of our costs. Update: tags are currently unavailable.

 What are and

  • Dogster and Catster are the largest pet communities on the web. The sites have over 600,000 pet profiles, millions of pages of pet information and resources, blogs that cover the pet spectrum, thousands of groups and a whole lot more. Membership is free.

 Why should I protect my Together Tag ID # and not provide it to anybody or include it in any of my pet profile information?

  • Your Together Tag ID number is essentially the one piece of unique identifying information that connects you to your pet. The ID number on the tag will be the key identifier that the finder of your pet will use when he or she contacts you, so that you know that the finder is in possession of your pet. If you do not protect this number, it is possible that it may fall into the hands of somebody who may then use that number to attempt to scam you into making reward payments when he or she is not actually in possession of your pet. This is why we advise that you do not give out your ID number to anybody, and do not use the number when preparing any missing pet posters, whether through the Together Tag site or elsewhere.

 On my contact information page, why should I list a contact who lives out of my area or in another state?

  • In the event of a natural disaster, there is a high probability that some, if not all, lines of communication may be down for a period of time. This may mean that if your pet escapes or goes missing during a natural disaster in your immediate area, the finder of your pet might not be able to locate you if local telephone lines or cellular towers have been damaged or destroyed. That is why we suggest that you should not only keep all of your own contact information current and correct, but that you utilize the secondary and out-of-area contact features and keep them updated as well. A good out-of-area contact is someone whom you know well and trust very much, and who lives far enough away so that he or she will not experience any communication issues caused by a natural disaster in your area. After the finder of your pet makes contact with your out-of-area contact, your friend can then track you down and let you know that your pet is safe. Having an out-of-area contact listed in your account information is an optional feature, but it is one that we highly recommend.

 What are some good resources for general dog or cat information?

 What if I am already using another ID system?

  • No other system provides the same services for the same low price to keep your pet safe and reunite you with your pet. Together Tag can be your primary pet recovery system or it can work well to compliment other systems. Using Together Tag with another system only adds more assurance that your pet will be found and identified correctly. However, considering the benefits that are offered by Together Tag, we highly recommend enrolling your pet in Together Tag now.

 Isn't microchipping enough?

  • The problem with microchipping is that not everyone has a microchip scanner. There are different types of chips and not many universal scanners. Microchips can also "turn" under your pet's skin and become unreadable. It can be difficult or costly to update your information. In short, microchipping your pet does not provide a complete system for pet identification and retrieval.

 My pet has been tattooed, is that enough?

  • Tattoos can be hard to find - especially on scared, lost pets. Tattoos can also fade or blur and become difficult to read. Also, most people and vets do not look for tattoos when finding a lost pet.

 How do I update my pet info, contact info, etc.?

  • You can go online and update your pet info, contact info and other account information at any time, for free. Simply visit and log-in. Once you are logged in, go to My Account. On your Account Page you will be able to update your information.

 Is there a charge for updating pet or contact info?

  • No. Unlike many microchipping companies or other identification services, Together Tag does not charge you for updating any information.

 How do I order additional/replacement tags?

  • Update: tags are currently unavailable. Simply visit and log in. Once you are logged in, go to My Account. On your Account Page you will be able to order additional/replacement tags for any pet already enrolled in the system.

 What do I do if I've moved?

  • In most cases you will only have to update your primary contact information. If you had chosen to print your phone number on your pet's tag and that number has changed in your move, you may wish to order a replacement tag with your new phone number. Whether you choose to or not, the together tag website and your pet's unique tag ID will always work.

 How do I enroll another pet in Together Tag?

  • Simply visit and log-in. Once you are logged in, go to My Account. On your Account Page you will be able to register another pet's enrollment on your existing account.

 What if my phone number has changed?

  • If you had chosen to print your phone number on your pet's tag and that number has changed, you may wish to order a replacement tag with your new phone number. Whether you choose to or not, the together tag website and your pet's unique tag ID will always work.

 What do I do if I received my tag and there is an error?

  • If you have received a tag and there is an error or defect on the tag itself, you should contact Together Tag for a free replacement. You should contact us at or call Dogster, Inc., makers of Together Tag, toll free at 866-404-3647.

 Why is the service only available in the United States?

  • Due to some of the billing and legal issues, we decided to limit the service to the United States for the time being. However, we plan to roll the service out to other countries in the near future.

 What do I do if I have lost or forgotten my log-in information or password?

  • If you have lost or forgotten your log-in username/email and/or password, you can simply go to Log In and when you are asked to enter your information you can click the link "Forgot your email address?" or "Forgot your password?". If you are attempting to recover your email address, you will be asked for your pet ID, the answer to your security question and your zip code. Once you enter that information, your email address will be shown. If you have forgotten your password, enter your email address and a new password will be emailed to you. Once you log in with this new password, you may change your password to one of your preference.

 How do I cancel my enrollment in the service?

  • There is no need to cancel your enrollment in the service. If you do not wish to continue using the service, you can simply remove the tag from your pet. You can always put the tag back on your pet later if you want. If your pet has passed away, you can remove your pet from your account. If you simply wish to have your information removed from the Together Tag service, contact us at

 Do I need to activate my account?

  • You do not need to activate your account. The account will be active upon submission of information and your enrollments will be active upon payment. You will need to enter your contact and pet information in order for your account to work as intended.

 Why are my city, state and zip cope required as part of my primary contact info?

  • This is required in order to notify local shelters, animal control facilities, vets and other nearby members in case your pet is lost. It also may be used so that we can notify you of any pet safety alerts should you live in an area being threatened by a disaster.

 What do I do if I no longer use/have access to the email address I used to sign up for my account?

 As a part of the Together Tag community I can receive emails that let me know when other pets are lost in my area. What's this all about?

  • If you opt to participate, we will automatically send email notifications to you when another pet is lost in your area (based on the proximity of your zip code to the zip code of the lost pet). These lost pet alert emails go out to thousands of members in our pet loving community and are one of the important ways that we increase the chances of your pet being quickly and safely returned to you. We hope that all Together Tag members will participate. (You may opt out from receiving these email alerts at any time by editing your contact info in My Account.)

 What if I do not receive a confirmation email (or any successive emails) from

  • Once you have successfully completed the payment process (which is the first step of your enrollment) you will instantaneously receive an email acknowledging your payment. If you don't receive this within 5 minutes, you may have entered your email address incorrectly or your email server has routed the email to a spam/junk folder. This is quite common with many online email service providers, including AOL, G-Mail, Earthlink, Yahoo!, and Hotmail. Please check your spam filter right away so that you can find this first email and open it. Once you have opened it, you will need to tell your email service provider that it is not spam, which usually is as simple as clicking on a button that says "this is not spam." If you do not find our email in your spam folder, please send an email immediately to

 Why does it take up to three weeks from when I place my order for my Together Tag to arrive?

  • Update: tags are currently unavailable. Each Together Tag is a unique made-to-order product, and while we have taken the necessary steps to assure that your disaster-proof tag is on your pet's collar as quickly as possible, it is not an overnight process. To begin with, the data you provide is submitted electronically to our printer, who then makes arrangements for the information to be converted into .pdf format so that it can be printed on super-high-quality color printers. The unique printed label is then prepared for polyurethane doming. Once the dome has been set, it must cure before it is ready for continued processing. Each polyurethane-domed tag is then set on a 20 gauge 304 stainless steel core with Scotchlite series 280i reflective adhesive. Once the reflective adhesive has dried completely, the finished tag is affixed to a mailing card, along with an O-ring, and sent via first class mail with the U.S. Postal Service. Allowing three to five days for delivery from the time of shipping, you should be in receipt of your disaster-proof Together Tag within three weeks from the day you place your order.

 If I order multiple tags for multiple pets, why are the tags all shipped separately?

  • Update: tags are currently unavailable. For security purposes and to decrease the chances of duplication, our unique tags are created individually and sent in their own dedicated packages.

 What are the shipping and handling costs for my Together Tag(s)?

  • The shipping and handling rates are based on the total amount of your order and are as follows: $0.00 to $29.99 = $2.95 shipping and handling; $30.00 to $49.99 = $4.95 shipping and handling; $50.00 and over = $6.95.

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