How Together Tag Works


Register for free, join the nation's largest pet alert network, and then relax and know your pet is protected.
  • Register online - it's FREE and fast
  • You'll be automatically added to our lost pet alert network, the largest in the U.S.
  • Relax, knowing your pet is protected.
  • Login anytime to update your emergency contact info or key info about your pet.
    IF your contact info changes or you want to add info about your pet, login anytime to update your profile.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you get a collar ID tag for your pet. You can purchase one of our stylish, durable tags or have your own tag imprinted with our URL - - and your pet's unique Together Tag ID number.

If Your Pet is Lost

  • Report your pet as lost - include last seen information
  • Notice is sent to area shelters and vets (from our network of over 30,000 shelters and vets nationwide)
  • Add a Shelter or Vet
  • Notice is sent to Together Tag members in your area
  • Notice is sent to participating members of Dogster/Catster (a community of over one million pet lovers)
  • Use our tool to quickly and easily create and print "lost pet" posters
Report your lost pet, notify local shelters, and create posters

When Your Pet is Found

Find pet id info on tag, report found pet, get reunited with your pet
  • Finder contacts you via telephone
  • If phone is not listed on tag, finder locates your pet's online account using the URL and the ID#
  • Finder reports pet as found - you are automatically notified via email
  • Finder can view primary/secondary/out-of-area contact listings and use that information to contact you
  • You and finder make arrangements to meet
  • To assure that your pet is well taken care of before you are reunited, finder has access to all special care instructions in your pet's online profile

Learn more in our Information Center

Feel secure knowing that your pet is protected by our state-of-the-art pet recovery service. Find out Why Together Tag Works or Enroll in Together Tag today.