What People Are Saying About Together Tag

Dogs wearing their Together Tags

Here's what customers are saying about the Together Tag service:

“I like that you (the owner) with Together Tag's help are able to be pro-active if you lose your pet. With other tags or microchips, you have to hope that someone will call or take the pet to have the chip scanned. Together Tag will get the word out and help you with lost pet posters and shelter and community alerts.”

“Together Tag is the most innovative pet recovery solution that I have seen.”

“I love the idea of being able to easily change contact information - great for traveling with my pets!”

“The Together Tag is a wonderful service. My dog has a microchip but after reading your information I realize that the microchip may not be as effective as I first thought.”

“I love the Together Tag, I am glad someone took the time to create this service. It gives owners like me the peace of mind we deserve.”

“I really like that if a person finds a pet they can react right away to get the pet back to its family--less stress for all involved.”

“Great addition to the chip my dog already has! ”

Cat wearing his Together Tag

“I think this is a really great idea. I have lost my dogs once and it was a total nightmare. I wish I'd had a Together Tag then!”

“A great idea--pets will no longer be forgotten in a natural disaster.”

“I really like that if my information changes, I can make changes to my profile at no cost. Also, the fact that I can upload a picture of my pet is great!”

“I love the idea of having an additional method to find my dog, should she ever become lost. Just knowing that you will contact local shelters, vets and let other TogetherTag members know when my dog is missing is so valuable. What a wonderful idea and it was so easy to enroll.”

“What a wonderful service to have available when going through the trauma of losing your pet!”

“We feel you have a great program to help keep pet safe. The tags are awesome - very smooth and just the right size.”

“This is a great way to reunite a pet and its owner. I have lost a pet before and was not reunited with it, so anything to help increase the efforts to be reunited with a pet is great in my opinion.”

“I think the Together Tag is a great alternative to the microchip.”

“The fact that Together Tag provides an indestructable tag is extremely appealing and important to me. Thank you for finally putting this out there!”

“This is a great service because losing a pet would be a terrible thing to experience. A Together Tag greatly increases the chances of being reunited with your lost pet.”

“I have microchipped both of my dogs and am still concerned that people wouldn't check for the chip (despite the chip tag on collar). But everything we do is an important, additional safety. I love being able to update my contact info regularly. Thanks so much for offering this service.”

“I love the online notification that Together Tag initiates to shelters and community members when a pet is lost.”

“Pets are often the last ones taken care of at a disaster site...but, how great if one is located and all guessing to whom it belongs to or where it lives is already taken care of. It's a win-win situation for both the pet & owner...not to mention the emergency personel.”

“When I called Together Tag, the person I spoke with was great, helpful, and friendly. Makes you realize how rare that is.”

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